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Alumni Award for Excellence in Academic Advising

Established in 1989 by the Alumni Association, the Award for Excellence in Academic Advising is presented annually by the Office of the Provost to recognize Virginia Tech faculty who have been particularly dedicated to and effective in the advising of undergraduate and graduate students. In 2001, the award was expanded and the name changed to Alumni Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Academic Advising and Alumni Award for Excellence in Graduate Academic Advising, with one award given in each category. Recipients may be nominated by university faculty or students, are selected by a committee of former award winners and are awarded a $2,000 cash prize.

Year Recipient
2022 Helene Shine Goetz, (undergraduate), Holly Matusovich, (graduate)
2021 Daniel Newcomb, (undergraduate), Maury Nussbaum, (graduate)
2020 Maia Greene-Havas, (undergraduate), Kostas Triantis, (graduate)
2019 Alexis Miller, (undergraduate), Christopher Williams, (graduate)
2018 Trudy Harrington Becker (undergraduate), Saul Halfon (graduate)
2017 Gordon Yee (undergraduate), Kathleen Jones (graduate)
2016 Nada Tamim (undergraduate), Romesh Batra (graduate)
2015 Ruth Lytton (undergraduate), Katherine Allen (graduate)
2014 Rosemary Goss (undergraduate), Srinath Ekkad (graduate)
2013 Andrew Becker (undergraduate), Subhash Sarin (graduate)
2012 Deborah Pollio (undergraduate), Marc Edwards (graduate)
2011 J. Evans (undergraduate), G. Norton (graduate)
2010 M. Denbow (undergraduate), H. Burkhart (graduate)
2009 Wayne Moore (undergraduate), Hanif Sherali (graduate)
2008 Charles Taylor (undergraduate), Kusum Singh (graduate)
2007 James Campbell (undergraduate), Fred Piercy (graduate)
2006 Jennifer Mooney (undergraduate), David Kronfeld (graduate)
2005 Terry Kershaw (graduate)
2004 Jack Cranford (undergraduate), Saied Mostaghimi (graduate)
2003 Dixie Watts Reaves (undergraduate), E. Scott Geller (graduate)
2002 Rachel L. Holloway (undergraduate), D. Michael Moore (graduate)
2001 Sheryl Ball, economics (undergraduate), Thomas Ollendick, psychology (graduate)
2000 Daniel B. Thorp
1999 David J. Parrish
1998 R. Dean Riess
1997 L. Leon Geyer
1996 Russell T. Jones
1995 Thomas O. Sitz
1994 Johann A. Norstedt
1993 Michael A. Barnes
1992 Robert H. Pusey
1991 James R. McKenna
1990 William M. Etgen
1989 Shirley C. Farrier