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Alumni Award for Excellence in International Education

Established by the Alumni Association in 1996, the Alumni Award for Excellence in International Education is presented annually to a Virginia Tech faculty or staff member who has had a significant impact on international education at the university. Selection is based upon contributions to the internationalization of Virginia Tech, the impact on students, the impact on the campus and community, the significance of the initiative, and the sustainability of the initiative. Recipients are selected by a subcommittee drawn from the ranks of the University Council on Outreach and International Affairs, along with a representative of the Alumni Association. Award recipients receive a $2,000 cash prize. The award, which was presented for the first time at the 1997 Founders Day ceremony, was initially called the Alumni Award for Excellence in International Programs. The name was changed in 2003.

2022 Timothy D. Baird
2021 Jeffrey Alwang
2020 David Knight
2019 Yannis Stivachtis
2018 David Brinberg
2017 Nyusya Milman-Miller
2016 Lori Blanc
2015 Lance Matheson
2014 Trudy Harrington Becker, Andrew Becker
2013 Glenn Bugh
2012 Patricia Kelly
2011 Sedki Riad
2010 Tom Hammett
2009 Jan Helge Bøhn
2008 Devi R. Gnyawali
2007 James Littlefield
2006 G. Rodney Thompson
2005 Victoria Fu
2004 Joseph Scarpaci
2003 James F. Marchman III
2002 Josiah S. Tlou
2001 George W. Norton
2000 D. Eugene Egger
1999 John A. Ballweg
1998 Philip Y. Huang
1997 John S. Caldwell