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Alumni Awards for Outreach Excellence

Initiated in 1995 as the Public Service Excellence Award, this award recognizes university employees for outstanding outreach accomplishments. In 1999, the Public Service Excellence Award was merged into the Alumni Award for Outreach Excellence and in 2001, the University Outreach Excellence Award was also merged into this award. The award recognizes outstanding contributions by faculty members who have extended the university’s outreach mission throughout the commonwealth, nation, and world. Recipients are nominated by their peers, are awarded a $2,000 cash prize, and are inducted into the university's Academy of Outreach Excellence. In 2004, a team award was added. After team awards commenced, individual award winners are noted; the remaining names form the winning team.

Individual Awards
2022 John Gordon Casali
2021 Katrina Powell
2020 Paul Quigley
2018 Richard Crowder
2017 Randel L. Dymond
2016 Annie R. Pearce
2015 Carla Finkielstein
2014 Mike Rosenzweig
2013 Shannon Jarrott
2012 Carl Zipper
2011 Linda F. Tegarden
2010 Mary Kasarda, Joyce Latimer (no team nominations, two individual awards were given)
2009 Nikki Giovanni
2008 E. Thomas Ewing
2007 Llyn Sharp
2006 Doris Zallen
2005 L. Leon Geyer
2004 Howard Feiertag
2003 Laurence Carstensen
2002 E. Scott Geller
2001 C. Wayne Patty
Team Awards
2022 Center for Educational Networks and Impacts
2021 Virginia Tech Urban Computing Team
2020 Angela Scarpa and Jennifer Pollard Scott
2019 Patricia Raun and Carolyn Kroehler
2018 ICAT Team: Benjamin Knapp, Donna Raines, Holly Williams, Melissa Wyers
2017 Raffaella De Vita and Alexander Leonessa
2016 The Flint Water Study Team: undergraduate students, Madeleine Brouse, Margaret Carolan, Sara Chergaoui, Matthew Dowdle, Kim Hughes, Rebecca Jones, and Alison Vick; graduate students, Christian Devine, Emily Garner, Catherine Grey, Pan Ji, Anurag Mantha, Rebekah Martin, Jake Metch, Victoria Nystrom, Kelsey Pieper, Colin Richards, William Rhoads, Siddhartha Roy, Laurel Strom, Owen Strom, Min Tang, and Ni Zhu; Post-docs/research Scientists, Brandi Clark, Dongjuan Dai, Sheldon Masters, Jeffrey Parks, Kelsey Pieper, David Schwake, and Fei Wang; Principal Investigators, Marc Edwards, Amy Pruden, and Joseph Falkinham
2015 Lara Browning, Elizabeth Gilboy
2014 Shamindri Arachchige, Karen J. Brewer
2013 Virginia Cooperative Extension: John W. Blankenship, Jr., Robert R. Meadows, Jocelyn D. Dailey, Glenda M. Snyder, Brian L. Hairston, Tonya T. Price, Jeremy T. Johnson
2012 No team award issued
2011 Elizabeth T. Gilboy and Andrew McCoy
2010 No team nominations received
2009 Center for Watershed Studies: Brian Benham, Kevin Brannan, Theo Dillaha, Conrad Heatwole, Sang Min Kim, Karen Kline, Saied Mostaghimi, Mary Leigh Wolfe, Gene Yagow, Rebecca Zeckoski
2008 Community Design Assistance Center: Terri Fisher, Elizabeth T. Gilboy, Maxine Lyons, Kim Steika
2007 Virginia Tech Women’s Center Outreach Effort: Penny Cook, Anna LoMascolo, Jessie Meltsner
2006 Virginia Tech’s Intergenerational Program, Neighbors Growing Together: Shannon Jarrott, Vickie Fu, Alison Galway, Ila Schepisi, Kate Milne, Cynthia Smith, Karen Gallagher
2005 Fralin Biotechnology Center Outreach Team: Kristi DeCourcy, Erin Dolan
2004 Barbara B. Bunn, Gary L. Long
2000† Gregory D. Boardman, Harold A. Kurstedt Jr.
1999 No awards issued
1998* R. Michael Chandler
1997* W. Dee Whittier
1996* Clifford W. Randall
1995* Waldon R. Kerns, D. G. Larsen

*Public Service Excellence Award
†University Outreach Excellence Award