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Report Of The Adviser To Women Students

To the President of the Virginia Polytechnic Institute:

For the session 1930-31 the activities of the adviser to women students have continued as reported for the previous year. Because of the economic situation the problem of helping students finance themselves was intensified. Some of the faculty and town families have helped materially by offering students opportunities to earn part of their expenses in the homes. This has worked out satisfactorily to both the students concerned and the families. There still is need for more opportunities for women to earn something to apply on their expenses at college. The local branch of the American Association of University Women helped by increasing its loan fund. This year the Virginia Homemakers Association raised, as a gift to some needy student $100 in addition to the $300 which they have been offering annually as a loan for a first year student planning to take home economics. This action was taken after the adviser had presented, during the annual meeting at the college, the needs of the particular student. Also, it has been found possible by re-arrangement of the day’s program to give work to a student in the cooperative house.

The number of organizations has increased somewhat to meet the interests of women students. In addition to the organization for all the women students, there is a basketball team, a dramatic club, a glee club, and it is planned to have a rifle team next year. As usual, a staff to prepare their annual, The Tin Horn, is functioning. Definite plans have been made for a social room and office for the use of the women and their organizations, and since the need for these is great, it is hoped that the plans will be realized soon.

The women living in the student houses on the campus have been quite active this year in trying to develop a house organization. There has been a marked improvement in the house governing organization, to the satisfaction of students as well as others concerned. Because of the comparative infancy of the organization it has been evolving gradually, but is now rather well developed.

The adviser attended the annual meeting of the Regional Association of Deans of Women. Although a member of the National Association it has not been possible as yet for her to go to its meetings because of the distance. Next year it meets in Washington and perhaps arrangements can be made for her to attend.

The only progress made in meeting the needs outlined in the last report is the making of plans for housing the women’s student activities. The needs continue.

Respectfully submitted.