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Faculty and Staff

At the third meeting of the VAMC Board of Visitors on Aug. 14, 1872, the board appointed a faculty of three—Charles Martin to teach English language and literature and ancient language; Gen. James H. Lane to teach natural philosophy, chemistry, and military tactics; and Gray Carroll to offer instruction in mathematics and modern language. The board postponed the appointment of any teachers of agriculture or mechanics. Over the years the number of faculty members fluxuated based on the budget and enrollment. Some faculty members were on campus for a session or two, while others spent their entire career at the university. A number of those faculty members who made a lasting impact on students, the university, and the Commonwealth are remembered in the names of campus buildings.

Since its early beginnings, the college relied on a support staff of non-faculty employees. These people worked in the shops, the farms, the barns, and mess halls. They built and maintained the buildings, the water, sewer, and electrical systems. They worked in the library, the laundry, the tailor shop, and the print shop. They maintained and tracked student records. As the university grew, they worked alongside faculty members doing research. They expanded and supported the increasingly complex electrical, steam, and cooling systems. The computers (both early machines used in the accounting offices and increasingly complex systems) were installed and supported by staff members.

In the 2015-16 academic year, there were 1,479 full-time instructional faculty members, 2,505 other faculty & research associates, and a support staff of 3,425.