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Faculty Senate

In spring 1969 the board of visitors approved a Faculty Senate, established to articulate faculty views on campus policies and procedures. On May 24, 1972, the board adopted a recommendation for an amendment to the senate’s constitution to include representation of professional library faculty. In 1988, the BOV added the president of Faculty Senate as a non-voting representative on the board, beginning with Joanne Eustis.

A faculty member is eligible for election to the Faculty Senate and to vote in the election of faculty senators if the faculty member holds the rank of professor, associate professor, assistant professor, or instructor; the faculty member holds a full-time and continuing appointment to the university; and the faculty member has an appointment or tenure in an academic department, or in the library, or as an extra-collegiate faculty member. Like the Staff Senate, the Faculty Senate selects and recommends faculty members to serve on the commissions and committees that make up the university governance system.

Faculty Senate Presidents:
1969-70 Wybe Kroontje
1970-71 George A. Gray
1971-72 Guy B. Hammond
1972-73 James M. Wiggert
1973-74 James M. Wiggert
1974-75 Louis R. Barnett
1975-76 Guy B. Hammond
1976-77 James A. Cochran
1977-78 Philip L. Hall
1978-79 Jerald Robinson
1979-80 Jerald Robinson
1980-81 John Mason
1981-82 Monte Boisen Jr.
1982-83 Konrad Kubin
1983-84 Johann A. Norstedt
1984-85 Paul L. Smeal
1985-86 Paul L. Smeal
1986-87 Jarol Manheim
1987-88 Joanne D.  Eustis
1988-89 David Conn
1989-90 Patrick Scanlon
1990-91 Ludeman Eng
1991 (fall), John Hillison
1992 (spring) Leon Geyer
1992-93 Leon Geyer
1993-94 David de Wolf
1994-95 N. Larry Shumsky
1995-96 Thomas M. Sherman
1996-97 Paul Metz
1997-98 Ellsworth “Skip” Fuhrman
1998-99 Kerry Redican
1999-2000 Richard Bambach
2000-01 Mitzi Vernon
2001-02 Leon Geyer
2002-03 Edd Sewell
2003-04 Diane Zahm
2004-05 Sam Easterling
2005-06 Susanna C. Rinehart
2006-07 Judy Alford
2007-08 Valerie Hardcastle
2008-09 Hardus Odendaal
2009-10 Gary Long
2010-11 Mike Ellerbrock
2011-12 Bruce Pencek
2012-13 Sarah Karpanty
2013-14 Joe Merola
2014-15 Bernice Hausman
2015-16 Rami Dalloul
2016-17 Monty Abbas
2017-18 Hans Robinson
2018-1920 John B. Ferris
2020-21 Eric Kaufman