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Undergraduate Student Awards

Undergraduate Man and Woman of the Year—A special committee selected an outstanding male student for recognition annually, beginning in 1952. From 1952‑64 the selection was called “Campus Man of the Year.” Selection of a “Campus Woman of the Year” commenced in 1965. In 1971 the committee selected three men and one woman as outstanding, but the selection of one man and one woman resumed in 1972. The selections, which are now called “Man of the Year” and “Woman of the Year,” include the following, with male winners listed first for each year beginning in 1965: 

1952  James L. Short
1953  Al Hardy
1954  J. P. Baker
1955  R. H. Giles
1956  W. Ernest Norcross
1957  John L. Wright
1958  William K. Barlow
1959  Clifton D. Cullum Jr.
1960  John B. Obenchain
1961  William E. Lambert
1962  Roger A. Shaw Jr.
1963  William W. Lewis Jr.
1964  Floyd M. M. Dickinson Jr.
1965  James H. Powell and Carol P. Schuck
1966  Lewis R. Dixon and Sara Ann Hale
1967  Marvin E. Cardoza and Andrea M. Flagg
1968  William L. Coulbourne Jr. and Sue Ann Shertzer
1969  Mark D. Musick and Mary Anne Marshall
1970  Donald M. Norris and Donna L. Price
1971  James R. Mustard, Alan N. Stager, Richard E. Browning, and Rebecca H. Ellsworth
1972  Robby G. King and Constance M. Malone
1973  Jim Mahon and Kathy Huffman
1974  James S. Crockett and Jean Harshbarger
1975  Robert C. Butcher Jr. and Janet C. Kerr
1976  W. Thomas Clark and Brenda J. Kennedy
1977  Bert Poole and Christine Rotchford
1978  Steve Mathews and Laura Stein
1979  Stephen Wright and Kathleen Lautermilch
1980  Edward M. Stowe and Judy L. August
1981  Jay M. Jacobsmeyer and Helene C. Combs
1982  Glenn A. Sieber and Cheryl A. Henderson
1983  Steven S. Grey and Julia E. Little
1984  Arthur T. Hart III and Regina L. Kopera
1985  Richard J. Mailloux and Carol A. Conrad
1986  James D. Rizzo and Susan R. Reller
1987  Derek A. Jeffries and Victoria D. Rockecharlie
1988  Rex A. Donnelly IV and Carol S. Irvine
1989  Joseph W. Guthrie and Leslie P. Arrington
1990  Stephen F. Massott and Barbara J. Ouellette
1991  Ian P. Sobieski and Natalie A. Appatta
1992  John E. Darnell and Theresa M. Gidley
1993  Kevin W. Mottley and Sandra L. Phillpott
1994  Scott C. Cappiello and Amy E. Coates
1995  Kevin W. Leclaire and Carla Dee Moravitz
1996  Mark P. Embree and Cynthia T. Kraft
1997  Robert M. Ballenger and Robyn H. Moore
1998  Castigliano M. Bhamidipati and Rachael K. Hash
1999  Edward J. Maggio and Susan P. Grubbs
2000  Scott D. Lippert and Katherine R. Snyder
2001  Eric J. Ruggiero and Molly Mustard
2002  Bahari Harris and Rebecca Weber; 2003, Brian Montgomery and Melissa Stuart
2004  Jason M. Reese and Nicole Reynolds
2005  Aaron Barr and Jessica Morris
2006  Benjamin J. Thomas and Shelby McDonald
2007  Gregory J. Sagstetter and Alison A. Smith
2008  Ryan C. Smith and Kaitlyn N. Hercik
2009  David William Grant and Carla Anne Rood
2010  Shashank Sharma and Jennifer Nicole Lamb
2011  Ryan A. Anderson and Camille M. DaDamio
2012  Kayvon Izadpanah and Carly Stephens
2013  Nicholas Onopa and Darya Nesterova
2014  Timothy Duffy and Cassidy Grubbs

(In 2015, this award was changed to "Undergraduate Student of the Year" with one recipient.)

2015  Jessica K. Li
2016  Nneoma Nwankwo
2017   Abigail Smith
2018   Maria Jernigan

Outstanding Student Awards—First conferred in 1975, the Outstanding Student Awards—variously called the Outstanding Senior Awards—are given by the Alumni Association and the Senior Class in recognition of exceptional performances by a graduating student from each college. The outstanding students are selected by students and faculty of their respective colleges.

Year Recipient College
1975 Joanne R. Carrow Agriculture & Life Sciences
  Richard E. Hurdle Agriculture & Life Sciences
  Janet C. Kerr-Tener Arts & Sciences
  Frank N. Wilner Business
  Carol S. Anderson Education
  Henry H. Hubble III Engineering
  Deborah N. Ayers Home Economics
1976 John P. Good Jr. Agriculture & Life Sciences
  Brent G. Farmer Architecture & Urban Studies
  Brenda J. Kennedy Arts & Sciences
  Douglas L. Guynn Business
  James R. Stone III Education
  Mark J. Shuart Engineering
  Victoria S. Lessinger Home Economics
1977 Patrick F. Dowd Agriculture & Life Sciences
  John H. Goodman Architecture & Urban Studies
  Sarah A. Marcotte Arts & Sciences
  Rebecca B. Powell Business
  Laura L. Dennis Education
  Walter W. Boles Engineering
  Sandra E. Jones Home Economics
1978 Sara E. Rosenbaum Agriculture & Life Sciences
  Keville B. Ware Architecture & Urban Studies
  Carolyn L. Nicewonder Arts & Sciences
  James S. Goodwin Business
  Dennis E. Martin Education
  Timothy J. Haygood Engineering
  Cynthia R. Mootz Home Economics
1979 Andrea J. Mereschak Agriculture & Life Sciences
  Susan t. Russell Architecture & Urban Studies
  James L. Chapman IV Arts & Sciences
  Cynthia L. Bowman Business
  Susan D. Hayward Education
  Randolph L. Moses Engineering
  Karen A. McAlexander Home Economics
1980 Ann M. McGuirk Agriculture & Life Sciences
  Daniel A. Buehler Architecture & Urban Studies
  Catherine G. Walker Arts & Sciences
  Edward M. Stowe Business
  Ruth A. Lensen Education
  James G. Davis Jr. Engineering
  Holly A. Stockstill Home Economics
1981 Cindy R. Rutter Agriculture & Life Sciences
  Andrew E. Easter Architecture & Urban Studies
  Brian T. May Arts & Sciences
  Cindy L. Smith Business
  Karen F. Carter Education
  Ray C. Wasielewski Engineering
  Kristin L. Koegel Home Economics
1982  William L. Flowers IV Agriculture & Life Sciences
  Benjamin S. Motley Architecture & Urban Studies
  Karen A. Lavoie Arts & Sciences
  Shirley A. Sunderland Business
  Laura E. Bowie Education
  Joseph A. Wiencko Jr. Engineering
  Gail W. Baron Home Economics
1983 J. Bennett Saunders Agriculture & Life Sciences
  Charles W. Wray Jr. Architecture & Urban Studies
  John M. Young Arts & Sciences
  Janet W. Mabie Business
  Eric L. Fitzgerald Education
  Julia E. Little Engineering
  Evaleen J. Olin Human Resources
1983 J. Bennett Saunders Agriculture & Life Sciences
  Charles W. Wray Jr. Architecture & Urban Studies
  John M. Young Arts & Sciences
  Janet W. Mabie Business
  Eric L. Fitzgerald Education
  Julia E. Little Engineering
  Evaleen J. Olin Human Resources
1984 Anne W. Powel Agriculture & Life Sciences
  Andrea Y. Thompson Architecture & Urban Studies
  Kimberley A. Casey Arts & Sciences
  Wendy L. Dodson Business
  Bert E. Weschke Education
  Arthur T. Hart III Engineering
  Jane E. Ingrassia Human Resources
1985 Karen E. Holloway Agriculture & Life Sciences
  Jack M. Ford Architecture & Urban Studies
  Joan C. Hawxhurst Arts & Sciences
  John T. Lancaster Jr. Business
  Richard C. Beitel Jr. Education
  Daniel T. Goulson Engineering
  Deborah L. Bella Human Resources
  Melinda H. MacDonald Veterinary Medicine
1986 Mary A. Dalton Agriculture & Life Sciences
  Benjamin J. Baffer Architecture & Urban Studies
  James D. Rizzo Arts & Sciences
  George A. Bowers Business
  Susan R. Reller Education
  Janet M. Page Engineering
  James R. Miller Human Resources
  Scott M. Anderson Veterinary Medicine
1987 Brenton J. Keefer Agriculture & Life Sciences
  Lynne C. Lancaster Architecture & Urban Studies
  Tracey P. Beck Arts & Sciences
  James A. Shiflet Education
  Carla M. Valvo Engineering
  Laura G. Walton Human Resources
  Daniel F. Mahony Pamplin Business
  Lynette Tobias Veterinary Medicine
1988 Christina G. Williams Agriculture & Life Sciences
  Robert C. Collins Architecture & Urban Studies
  Gregory D. McFall Arts & Sciences
  Stephanie L. Kimball Education
  Nelson C. Chu Engineering
  Rebecca L. Wetzel Human Resources
  G. Candace Huddle Pamplin Business
  Sharon L. Deem Veterinary Medicine
1989 Joseph W. Guthrie Agriculture & Life Sciences
  Robert R. Derck Architecture & Urban Studies
  Denise M. Martz Arts & Sciences
  James T. Irby Education
  Mona R. Behrend Engineering
  Lori L. Hall Human Resources
  Elizabeth C. Lester Pamplin Business
  Julie L. Holland Veterinary Medicine
1990 Andrew W. Meadows Agriculture & Life Sciences
  Meredith A.Wirsching Architecture & Urban Studies
  Michele L. Harrington Arts & Sciences
  Marilyn Machara Education
  Jeffrey C. Collie Engineering
  Tracy Lynn Hoofnagle Human Resources
  Susan M. Thompson Pamplin Business
  W. Preston Stubbs Veterinary Medicine
1991 Marilyn M. Adams Agriculture & Life Sciences
  Douglas H. R. Young Architecture & Urban Studies
  Michelle A. Horvath Arts & Sciences
  Laurel L. McFall Education
  David A. Long Engineering
  K. Christine Burns Human Resources
  Lori A. Hughes Pamplin Business
  P. Steven Anderson Veterinary Medicine
1992 Robert L. Andrews Agriculture & Life Sciences
  David B. Lieb Architecture & Urban Studies
  Kristi L. Hedges Arts & Sciences
  Revonda L. Barbour Education
  Susan K. Cox Engineering
  Matthew R. Cooperman Human Resources
  Annemarie K. Gililland Pamplin Business
  Lora V. Schneider Veterinary Medicine
1993 Shawna E. Bratton Agriculture & Life Sciences
  Shannon M. Dooley Architecture & Urban Studies
  Sandra L. Philpott Arts & Sciences
  Lisa Ann Pikalek Arts & Sciences
  John D. Lowman Jr. Education
  Ann K. Carrithers Engineering
  Anne E. Seinwill Forestry & Wildlife Resources
  Xzabier D. Jackson Human Resources
  Victoria P. Clifford Pamplin Business
  Martha E. Smith Veterinary Medicine
1994 Kara A. Hoffert Agriculture & Life Sciences
  Raymond S. Calabro Architecture & Urban Studies
  Jeffrey R. Morrill Arts & Sciences
  Christine J. Lawson Education
  Zion W. Lo Engineering
  Nelson W. Lafon Forestry & Wildlife Resources
  Elizabeth N. Nicar Human Resources
  Scott E. Trexler Pamplin Business
  Jeffrey W. Zolkiewicz Veterinary Medicine
1995 Miriam L. Kelly Agriculture & Life Sciences
  Elizabeth J. Reamy Architecture & Urban Studies
  Christopher Ashby Learn Arts & Sciences
  Gregory I. Abel Education
  Cheryl E. Martin Engineering
  Corey D. Adler Forestry & Wildlife Resources
  Micah Schachinger Human Resources
  Jennifer L. Arute Pamplin Business
  Thomas B. Massie Jr. Veterinary Medicine
1996 John E. Whitley Agriculture & Life Sciences
  Liesl A. Dommisse Architecture & Urban Studies
  Mark P. Embree Arts & Sciences
  Katrina M. Hundley Education
  Terry A. Bush Engineering
  Laurie P. McGhee Forestry & Wildlife Resources
  Amber L. Dozier Human Resources
  Lori S. Ratliff Pamplin Business
  Andrew W. Meadows Veterinary Medicine
1997 Rebecca J. Cutright Agriculture & Life Sciences
  Diane B. Miller Architecture & Urban Studies
  Bryan L. McDonald Arts & Sciences
  Joben Kronebusch Engineering
  Nichole Robitaille Forestry & Wildlife Resources
  Michelle R. Smith Human Resources & Education
  Charles P. Koerber Pamplin Business
  Rebecca D. Rose Veterinary Medicine
1998 John M. Schmidt Agriculture & Life Sciences
  Holly A. MacDonald Architecture & Urban Studies
  Jody Geoghegan Arts & Sciences
  Krista L. Johnston Engineering
  Aaron Blacka Forestry & Wildlife Resources
  Kathleen M. Ollendick Human Resources & Education
  Gregory D. Elam Pamplin Business
  Andrew W. Holloway Veterinary Medicine
1999 Jodie E. Johnson Agriculture & Life Sciences
  Eric Delss Architecture & Urban Studies
  Stacey Smith Arts & Sciences
  Elsie M. Caruso Engineering
  Elvira Muniz Forestry & Wildlife Resources
  Christine Grecus Human Resources & Education
  Melissa L. Novosel Pamplin Business
  John F. Guest Veterinary Medicine
2000 John Koontz Agriculture & Life Sciences
  Melissa J. Morrow Architecture & Urban Studies
  James A. Fogarty Arts & Sciences
  Heather R. Danforth Engineering
  Melissa Garner Human Resources & Education
  Autumn-Lynn Harrison Natural Resources
  Brian C. Slingerland Pamplin Business
  Elizabeth Santini Veterinary Medicine
2001 Amy Lager Agriculture & Life Sciences
  James Gielda Architecture & Urban Studies
  Rebecca S. Weber Arts & Sciences
  Ross D. Amico Engineering
  Emily Moyer Human Resources & Education
  Jeff M. Matthews Natural Resources
  Bahari J. Harris Pamplin Business
  Margaret Booth Veterinary Medicine
2002 Susan Miller Agriculture & Life Sciences
  Anne-Marie Battikha Architecture & Urban Studies
  Krista Jacobsen Arts & Sciences
  Sara Airey Engineering
  Francine Joffe Human Resources & Education
  Shawn Baker Natural Resources
  Marvin Julian Boyd Pamplin Business
  Timothy T. Withers Veterinary Medicine
2003 Matthew J. Miller Agriculture & Life Sciences
  Lisa M. Abbamonte Architecture & Urban Studies
  Beth A. Reid Arts & Sciences
  Erik Herz Engineering
  Caroline Hunter Human Sciences & Education
  Laura Young Natural Resources
  Jill Turner Pamplin Business
  Valerie Weiss Veterinary Medicine
2004 Elizabeth R. Werner Agriculture & Life Sciences
  Brian Kubecki Architecture & Urban Studies
  Emily Sarver Engineering
  Adrienne Moberg Liberal Arts & Human Sciences
  Shaun D. Mabry Natural Resources
  Scott Coblentz Pamplin Business
  Nicole M. Reynolds Science
  Jody A. Hewitt Veterinary Medicine
2005 Lindsey A. George Agriculture & Life Sciences
  Eric Daley Architecture & Urban Studies
  Julia C. Mudre Architecture & Urban Studies
  Ashley White Engineering/Liberal Arts & Human Sciences
  Hilary Camblos Natural Resources
  Lauren Silvestri Pamplin Business
  W. Brandon Bull Science
  Jason Wall Veterinary Medicine
2006 Lorena J. Johnson Agriculture & Life Sciences
  Katelyn C. Keefe Architecture & Urban Studies
  Michael H. Willemann Engineering
  Gregory J. Sagstetter Liberal Arts & Human Sciences
  Jason Swenson Natural Resources
  Raheel Kahn Pamplin Business
  Shelby E. McDonald Science
  Neal Peckens Veterinary Medicine
2007 Natalie Keene Agriculture & Life Sciences
  Jeffrey Franklin Architecture & Urban Studies
  Mallory Soldner Engineering
  John Mason Liberal Arts & Human Sciences
  Katharine Sanford Natural Resources
  Megan E. Wallace Pamplin Business
  Shelby E. McDonald Science
  Daniel Binder Veterinary Medicine
2008 Phillip Chong Agriculture & Life Sciences
  Andrew Valentine Architecture & Urban Studies
  Sherri Cook Engineering
  Carolyn Barnes Liberal Arts & Human Sciences
  Christopher Fields-Johnson Natural Resources
  Tatiana Mishina Pamplin Business
  Christine George Science
  Jesse Fallon Veterinary Medicine
2009 Meagan Meyers Agriculture & Life Sciences
  Amrita Raja Architecture & Urban Studies
  Alekk Duerksen Engineering
  Kathleen Cooperstein Liberal Arts & Human Sciences
  Ritchie Vaughan Natural Resources
  Benjamin Stuart Vyule Pamplin Business
  Kevin Finelli Science
  Lindsay Turnbull Veterinary Medicine
2010 Scott Lucas Agriculture & Life Sciences
  Chris Grill Architecture & Urban Studies
  Matthew A. Hiser Engineering
  John Steger Liberal Arts & Human Sciences
  Shannon Fowler Natural Resources
  Elizabeth Goergen Pamplin Business
  Justin Andrew Waugh Science
  Aaron Scott Lucas Veterinary Medicine
2011 Jessica Boatwright Agriculture & Life Sciences
  Jane Jennings Architecture & Urban Studies
  Andrea Anjali Shome Engineering
  Rena Glavas Liberal Arts & Human Sciences
  Holly Kays Natural Resources and Environment
  Jessica Guerro Pamplin Business
  Matthew Ning Science
  Nathaniel C. Burke Veterinary Medicine
2012 Jessica Schultz Agriculture & Life Sciences
  Meliha “Lida” Aljabar Architecture & Urban Studies
  Ryan Shaw Engineering
  Philipp Kotlaba Liberal Arts & Human Sciences
  Cari Lynn Squibb Natural Resources and Environment
  Jillian A. Mowery Pamplin Business
  Martha Vivian Blakely Science
  Brittany J. Carr Veterinary Medicine
2013 Shasta R. Sowers Agriculture & Life Sciences
  Elizabeth H. Skinker Architecture & Urban Studies
  Christina B. Williams Engineering
  Sarah M. Pelham Liberal Arts & Human Sciences
  Daniel B. Goff Natural Resources and Environment
  William M. Jones Pamplin Business
  Grace E. Mulholland Science
  Rachel Baum Veterinary Medicine
2014 Stephanie Myrick Agriculture & Life Sciences
  Peter Beegle Architecture & Urban Studies
  Ashley Taylor Engineering
  Andrea Ledesma Liberal Arts & Human Sciences
  Adrianne Engel Natural Resources and Environment
  Colleen Thom Pamplin Business
  Darya Nesterova Science
  Elaine Flory Veterinary Medicine
2015 Hope Wentzel Agriculture & Life Sciences
  Rebecca Grogan Architecture & Urban Studies
  Robert “Kwamina” Orleans-Pobee Engineering
  Nancy Mason Liberal Arts & Human Sciences
  Ashley Lohr Natural Resources and Environment
  Timothy Duffy Pamplin Business
  Zechariah “Zack” Robinson Science
  Thomas Riegel Veterinary Medicine
2016 Emma Helm Agriculture & Life Sciences
  Leigh Ann Soistmann Architecture & Urban Studies
  Casie Venable Engineering
  Morgan Sykes Liberal Arts & Human Sciences
  Natalee Yates Natural Resources and Environment
  Kaley Burlingame Pamplin Business
  Claire Kelling Science
  Jason Regalado Veterinary Medicine
2017 Chris Eyestone Agriculture & Life Sciences
  Morgan Matt Architecture & Urban Studies
  Bobby Hollingsworth Engineering
  Siddhartha Roy Engineering
  Abigail Smith Engineering
  Kelly Cooper Liberal Arts & Human Sciences
  Ally Moser Natural Resources and Environment
  Joseph Mills Pamplin Business
  Sieu Tran Science
  Sarah Bye Veterinary Medicine
  Chris McLaughlin Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine and Research Institute
2018 Megan Beatty Agriculture & Life Sciences
  Hannah Largen Architecture & Urban Studies
  Michael Sherburne Engineering
  Kylie Campbell Natural Resources and Environment
  Erin Kocis Pamplin Business
  Tyler Miller Science
  Catharine Cowan Veterinary Medicine
  Caroline Reist Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine

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