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Staff Career Achievement Award

Created in 2011 to recognize retiring staff members, the Staff Career Achievement Award is presented annually to as many as five individuals who have distinguished themselves through exemplary performance and service during their university careers. Nominees must have worked a minimum of 10 years at Virginia Tech. Each recipient is awarded a $1,000 cash prize.

2022 Kathy Dowdy, Thomas Edward Hines, Lynne Tolbert Jones, Melissa Wilson Obenhaus
2021 John Beach, Linda Fountaine, Debra Lowe, Eric Montgomery, Margie Murray, Sharon Sible
2020 Barbara Angelotti, James Long, Tom McAvoy, Brian Squibb
2019 Harley Ashe, Dorothy Cupp, Peggy Moles, Rhonda Rogers, Alfred Smith, Joyce Vest
2018 Donald Roschelli, Teresa Rasnake, Carlene Arthur, George Underwood, Lynn Davis, Vincent Houston
2017 Matthew Gart, Norma Guynn, Jennifer Lindsey, Earlene Meredith, Larry Wooddell
2016 Patricia Aldridge, Victoria Clayton, Theodore Ellmore, Janet Francis, Jacob Waller
2015 Curtis Cook, Gloria Smith, Jessie Eaves, Mary Hunter, Layne Ricketts
2014 Christa C. Thomas, Sharon L. Irvin, Wanda Foushee, John D. Nichols, Lawrence N. Sewell
2013 Susan Stewart, Philip Spellerberg, Darrell Sheppard, Terry Lawrence, Linda Bland
2012 Tracey Keister, Sandra Crigger, Patricia Baker, Margaret Zelinski, Emily Oliver