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Edward S. Diggs Teaching Scholars Award

Sponsored by the Virginia Tech Academy of Teaching Excellence, the Diggs Teaching Scholars Award was established in 1992 under the auspices of the University's Faculty Rewards Project. Sponsors of this program are the Diggs Endowed Professorship Fund and the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning. Individuals teaching at all instructional levels at Virginia Tech (i.e., named and full professors, associate and assistant professors, adjunct faculty, instructors, and graduate teaching assistants) are eligible for nomination. It is presented annually to recognize exceptional contributions to the teaching program and learning environment. A cash award is given to each recipient and to his or her respective department. A year after receiving the award, new Diggs Teaching Scholars are invited to lead the Diggs Roundtable, a series of presentations and a discussion related to their innovative teaching. The award is supported by an endowed fund established through an estate gift from the late Edward S. and Hattie Wilson Diggs. Mr. Diggs was a 1914 graduate of Virginia Tech.

2020 Alejandro Salado, Takumi C. Sato, Matthew Wisnioski
2019 Homero Murzi
2018 Brandy Faulkner, Team award: Rebecca Hester & Emily Satterwhite
2017 Mark Barrow, Christine Labuski
2016 Zhange (Nicole) Ni, Akshay Sharma, Jean Lacoste
2015 Katrina Powell, Amy Nelson, Heather Gumbert
2014 Lori Blanc, Don Orth
2013 Alan Abrahams, Shelli Fowler, Susan Rinehart
2012 Anthony T. (Terry) Cobb, Lee Cooper, Marian Mollin
2011 Anthony Kwame Harrison, Tom L. Martin
2010 Barbara Bekken, Mary Kasarda, Robert Stephens
2009 Ellington Graves, Mitzi R. Vernon, Tom Walker
2008 Paulo S. Polanah, Janis Terpenny, Yonsenia White
2007 Gena Chandler, Brian R. Murphy, Nikol G. Alexander-Floyd
2006 James Dubinsky, O. Hayden Griffin, Jill Sible
2005 Clare J Dannenberg, Peter Wallenstein, Karl Precoda
2004 Robert Siegle, Catherine Eckel & Sheryl Ball, Sharon Johnson
2003 Andy Becker, Elisabeth Bloomer, Tonya Smith-Jackson
2002 Megan Boler, Bill Snizek, John Seiler
2001 Stacey Floyd-Thomas, Richard Goff, Monte Boisen
2000 Beveryly Bunch-Lyons, Jimmy Martin, Katherine Allen
1999 Ron Kander, Mark Schneider, Brenda S. J. Winkel
1998 Carol Burch-Brown, William Greenberg, Linda Plaut
1997 Ezra Brown, Gary Downey, Terry Papillon
1996 Barbara Carlisle, Jim McKenna, Nancy Metz
1995 Elizabeth Bounds, Arthur Buikema, Terry Wildman
1994 Tom Gardner, Siegfried Holzer, Ann Kilkelly
1993 Grace Bauer, Greg Justice, Larry Nielsen
1992 Jacqueline Bixler, Ellen Brown, Jim Knight