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Message From Class Vice-President Tams

THIS HISTORY of the Class of 1902 at Virginia Polytechnic Institute has been compiled by our classmate Stuart (Reddy) Spiller, and we all owe him thanks for a laborious and difficult work. When we were young men and just graduated, more than a half century ago, this world was a very different place from what it is today. Since then we have gone through two world wars, a major depression, a New Deal, and now face the threat of an atomic war. In all of these changes, our members seem to me to have done their share of the world’s work, to have borne their share of the troubles, and to have remained loyal to the class and to the College. I believe it is recognized by other classes that ours has the best record of devotion to the College and its interests.

We have now passed the crest of the hill and are marching down toward the shadows, but I believe this volume truly illustrates our motto — “Forsitan et, haec ohm meminisse juvabit” (perhaps afterward it will rejoice us to remember these things).

With best wishes to all of you and God bless you all.