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Questions may arise in the minds of some—why a history of the class of 1902? and how and where did the idea originate? The opinion has often been expressed by others than class members that our class has always shown and retained more spirit, comradeship and alumni loyalty than many other V.P.I. classes. As an indication of the justification for this, our class has usually led all others in percentage of contributors to the Alumni Fund and in several campaigns all class members of record contributed.

Sometime during the 1920’s or ’30’s, the proposal to publish a history was advanced but, if our recollection is correct, the proposer or proposers did not offer to head up the job but wanted “George to do it”, and no “George” accepted. At our fiftieth anniversary reunion at V.P.I. in October, 1952, the proposal was revived and enough interest was manifested to make plans. A self-appointed “History Committee” was formed. One member agreed to undertake the job of collecting and assembling the data. Alumni secretary, Henry Redd, and his staff offered to help. Other members undertook to raise a fund to cover the cost of publication.

As this is written, the estimated cost of publication and original distribution of the history has been underwritten by contributions from several class members, and the funds have been deposited in an “’02 Class Account”. Any further contributions that may be received will be deposited in that account. When the final cost is determined and paid, any excess in the fund will be refunded to the principal underwriters on an equitable basis.

It is the intention to send, gratis, one copy of the history to each living class member, and to the widow or nearest relative of each deceased member. Additional copies will also be supplied without charge to contributing members on the basis of the amount of their contributions. Others desiring additional copies, if available, may obtain them at the price specified on the inside cover sheet.

There was some thought of including recent pictures of individual members, but not enough photographs have been sent in to warrant inclusion, so that idea has been abandoned. However, such group photographs as are available are being reproduced in the history.

Every effort has been made to get enough information on all members of whom there is record to permit compiling a fairly complete biographical sketch on each one. Fairly complete sketches are included for a few of our deceased classmates, and the committee is indebted to near relatives for their cooperation in furnishing information. A few living classmates have not responded to our requests for information; we trust that this failure to respond has not been because of illness.

The committee extends sincere thanks to all who have cooperated in this undertaking, and particularly to Henry Redd and his staff of the alumni office at Blacksburg.

As is likely to happen in any undertaking of this kind, there will be errors and omissions; we trust that these will be few and none too glaring. With that reservation, the committee presents this volume with some measure of pride in having completed and published a history of a V.P.I. class, a project never before accomplished in the annals of V.P.I. so far as we know. May other classes compete with us in the history publishing activity.

Sincerely, the Committee,