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From The Virginia Tech, Thursday, May 23, 1918, page 1

Va. Tech And The World War

74 Huskies In Uncle Sam's Service And The Dial Going
Round. A Brief Review Of What Our Fighting Men
Are Doing. Startling Figures Which Give
Evidence Of Tech Superiority In
The War Game

Lives there a man with soul and intellect so dead who fails to appreciate the marvelous record now being made by Virginia Tech men in the military service of the nation? We believe not. Think of it, folks!—last May we were able to muster about a dozen men in the army. To be exact, 14. As we go to press today there are 740, with the dial going toward 800 at the rate of about 25 men per week. The men who carry the stamp of Old Virginia Tech in this great World Crisis have shown, and will continue to show, that the military feature of Virginia Tech, though not emphasized as much as at some of the more strictly military schools, is one of the greatest value.

Virginia Tech men from all over the world have responded nobly to the call of our dear Uncle, and one of the most striking things is that the service roll has more than doubled since its first publication last November and will continue to increase just as long as our country needs men.

The keeping of the roll strictly up-to-date is of the highest importance. This is true not only from an historical standpoint, but from an advertising one as well. The people of our State are beginning to appreciate the worth of Virginia Tech as never before and her military showing is keeping abreast of her various other endeavors. Our men also are beginning to see the great value of keeping the military roll as accurate as possible and the request for information in this direction has received a ready response.

"Do statistics mean anything to you?" a prominent educator was asked the other day. "Yes, when they really stand for something definite and convincing."

The statistics concerning the Virginia Tech military situation given herein "stand for something definite" and are exceptionally "convincing," taking into consideration that one year ago we had scarcely a dozen men in the army. Today we have 740. Truly a remarkable record, and one of which we are all very proud.

The promotion of Tech men has been rapid from the outset, and there are lieutenant colonels, majors and captains today who were private citizens when the first call for fighting men was sounded. Ten men who are now captains in the Regular Army were engineers one year ago, and have been promoted through all the different grades. One man was a second lieutenant for a full twenty-four hours. All this goes to show that our men have won recognition from the very beginning.

The training camp record is exceptionally fine, as practically all of our men who have entered training camps have been commissioned—a fact that reflects great credit on the engineering work as conducted at this institution.

Virginia Tech has at present twenty-seven per cent. of its alumni under arms—more than Yale, Princeton, Harvard, or any other institution of like standing north or south, east or west. These are active members, on the roll with their dues paid up.

With reference to our military record, a prominent Washington editor says, "Incidentally, it gives to the Federal Government evidence that the money it has invested at Blacksburg was wisely used and will be repaid many times over. It is safe to predict that they will give a fine account of themselves and win honor for their country, their state, their school, and their own names."

The Military Roll

Regular Army

Brigadier General

G. H. Jamerson, '92, Infantry


Edward Anderson, '83, Cavalry

Lieutenant Colonels

R. Kent Spiller, '98, Judge Advocate Dept.

J. F. Ware, '02, Infantry

H. C. Michie. jr., '03, Medical


J. E. Gaujot, '93, Infantry

W. O. Leach, '76, Infantry

E. B. Maynard, '06, Medical


W. P. Boatwright, '07, Coast Artillery

W. M. Cravens, '14, Field Artillery

V. B. Dixon, '16, Coast Artillery

R. E. M. Godrick, '07 Infantry

P. C. Hamilton, '12, Coast Artillery

F. L. Hill, '15, Infantry

A. C. Jones, '91, Medical

R. C. Macon, '12, Infantry

J. B. Maynard, '07, Infantry

H. C. Minton, '11, Field Artillery

C. G. Roreback, '99 Coast Artillery

W. B. Wilson, '20, Infantry

J. V. Ware, '14, Infantry

H. H. Varner, '03, Medical

J. W. G. Stephens, '13 Infantry

A. P. Sibold, '14 Infantry

L. N. Keesling, '12 Infantry

G. R. Owens, '17 Infantry

D. D. Howe, '12 Infantry

R. A. Gordon, '19 Infantry

S. R. Bedinger, '17 Infantry

F. L. Topping, '18 Coast Artillery

H. L. Smith, Engineers

First Lieutenants

Herbert Burke, '13 Cavalry

P. S. Campbell, '17 Infantry

R. McD. Graham, '16 Infantry

C. C. Heth, '04 Coast Artillery

N. O. Holt, '07 Field Artillery

J. A. Jones, '15 Infantry

H. Y. Lyons, '17 Infantry

J. D. Powell, '08 Coast Artillery

S. B. Taylor, '14 Infantry

J. W. B. Thompson, '19 Infantry

R. W. White, '07 Engineers

R. M. Winfield, '11 Infantry

J. M. Morris, '11, Engineers

J. W. Ousley, '96, Medical

J. E. Burke, '13, Engineers

G. Hopkins, '08, Medical

M. W. Loving, '12, Engineers

E. H, Taylor, '06, Engineers

L. F. Schroeder, '08, Philippine Scout

L. J. Meyns, '16, Coast Artillery

J. B. Peake, '15, Coast Artillery

Second Lieutenants

B. W. Coulter, '06, Infantry

R. L. Davis, '13, Infantry

L. W. Dear, '13, Infantry

W. R. Epes, '13, Infantry

D. S. Doggett, '16, Field Artillery

P. S. Haydon, '19, Infantry

J. W. Faulconer, '12, Infantry

G. A. Jones, '13, Infantry

Carrington Jordan, '17, Infantry

Maxwell Miller, '19, Infantry

C. R. Moore, '16 Coast Artillery

E. M. Turner, '08 Infantry

A. S. Turner, '13 Infantry

J. M. Sanderson, '13 Infantry

G. R. Schweickert, '16 Infantry

D. M. Ware, '16 Infantry

J. S. Scott, '15 Infantry

R. M. Patterson, jr, '19 Cavalry

J. F. Powell, '15 Coast Artillery

G. W. Cocke, jr., '17 Infantry

H. B. Beale, '16 Coast Artillery

W. W. Savage, '11 Coast Artillery

T. R. Sinclair, '17 Field Artillery

G. F. Begoon, '13 Coast Artillery

J. B. Roller, '16 Coast Artillery

J. T. Moore, '17 Coast Artillery

W. R. Ellis, '16 Coast Artillery

C. D. Parker, '16 Infantry

J. A. Black, '12 Infantry

W. M. Ellingsworth, '17 Field Artillery

L. M. Gaines, '17 Infantry

W. A. Garlett, '19 Infantry

D. H. Hoge, '18 Coast Artillery

W. I. Truitt, '17 Infantry


Sergeant E. C. Fox, '16 Ordnance (Lines of Communication in France)

Sergeant A. B. Williams, jr., '07 A. E. F. in France

Sergeant R. L. Bragg, '11 Engineers

U. S. Coast Guard

Capt. W. J, 'Wheeler, '97

1st Lieut. T. G. Lewton, '94

1st Lieut. Urban Harvey, '97

1st Lieut. C. G. Porcher, '92

1st Lieut. C. A. Wheeler, '93

1st Lieut. R. E. Wright, '93

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U. S. Navy

Lt. Com. F. M. Collier, '07

Lt. Com. J. L. Hileman, '07

Lt. Senior Grade E. K. Henley, jr., '12

Lt. Junior Grade J. M. Brodie, '03

Lt. Junior Grade F. A. Wyatt, '13

Lt. Junior Grade W. T. Dabney, '11

Lt. Junior Grade M. W. Waller

Lt. Junior Grade. F. C. Cooper, '12

Lr. Junior Grade W. V. H. Williams, '11

Ensign J. S. Caffee, '17

Ensign C. T. Henley, jr., '13

Ensign W. P. Dodson, '13

Ensign F. K. Lucas, '17

Ensign H. M. Jones, '18

Ensign R. S. Whitehurst, '16

Ensign R. L. Atwell, '12

Medical Officer D. D. Martin, '09

Master at Arms John Dennis, '19

Master at Arms J. H. Lambert, '17

Master at Arms A. G. Pettit, '19

Master at Arms J. L. Eley, '16

Master at Arms F. A. Gray, '17

Master at Arms J. W. Rixey, '19

Storekeeper R. A. Richardson, '20

Chief Petty Officer C. L. Warren, '16

Chief Petty Officer B. G. Eberwine, '17

Seaman G. S. Somerville, '19

Hospital Sergeant C. C. Garvin, '15

Gray Valentine, '19, Mosquito Fleet

E. Vaughan-Lloyd, '18, Mosquito Fleet

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Naval Reserves

E. B. Bissex, '12

Parke Rogerson, '19

G. C. Maynard, '18

Boyd Sutherland, '18

Clifton Rasche, '19

J. B. Benedict, '19

George Tompkins, '08

W. G. Maynard, '20

J. M. Jewett, '10

H. W. Stanley, '19

A. J. Bopp, '16 Navigation School

C. H. Weigel, '19 Hydroplane Service

C. L. Logan, '17 Hydroplane Service

W. H. Rohrback, '18 Hydroplane Service

Alvin Little, '17 Hydroplane Service

L. O. Briggs, '18 Hydroplane Service

C. M. Thomas, '10 Naval Reserves

J. B. Benedict, '20 Naval Reserves

National Army

1st Lt. J. W. Ponton, Jr., '17 Camp Lee

2nd Lt. F. W. Bailey, '15 Camp Lee

2nd Lt. L. M. Cooper, '13 Camp Lee

Edward Allen, '19 Camp Lee

Sgt. O. B. Ross, '16 In France

Sgt. Claude Swecker, '13 Camp Lee

Sgt. F. A. Schaeffer, '09 Camp Lee

Sgt. L. W. Hicks, 113th Inf. Supply Camp Meade

Sgt. Lewis Maury, Camp McClellan

Corp. Keenan, '11 Camp Lee

Corp. Ben Swecker, '19 Vancouver Barracks

Kent Apperson, '15 Camp Lee

H. J. Bopp, '15 Camp Lee

T. V. Chalkley, '09 Camp Lee

O. H. Culpeper, '19 Camp Lee

W. W. Smith, '19 Camp Lee

Lew Stringer, '20 Ambulance No. 46

E. R. Wall, '16 Camp Lee

J. A. Waller, '18 Camp Meade

Corp. Dave Huddle, '15 Camp Grant

C. M. Chapman, '18 Camp Lee

J. A. Goodloe, '16 Camp Lee

S. E. Murray, '16 Camp Lee

T. C. Jennings, '19 Camp Lee

W. B. Dawson, '18 Camp McClellan

W. C. Counselman, '17 Camp Lee

C. H. Sharpe, '17 Camp Meade

T. T. Peake, '13 Camp Lee

H. N. Stiles, '03 Camp Lee

R. H. Hix, '13 In France

J. D. Womack, '18 Camp Lee

G. A. Scruggs, '14 Camp Lee

J. A. Ellison, '07 Camp Lee

R. D. Mackreth, '18 Camp McClellan

Otto Weise, '09 Camp Sevier

C. J. Bennett, '19 Camp Lee

George Pittard, '20 Camp Lee

I. H. Armstrong, '07 Camp Lee

R. R. Connelly, '16 Camp Sevier

George E. Treakle, '18 In France

Sidney Rosenbaum, '07 Camp Lee

R. G. Hutcheson, '17 O. T. C. Anniston, Ala.

W. L. Pierce, '13 Camp Lee

W. W. Ford, '18 Camp McClellan

W. O. Wirt, '17 Camp Lee

Paul Stephens, Camp Lee

J. C. Harman, '16 Camp Lee

E. R. Anderson, '16 Camp Lee

J. H. Orrison, '18 Camp Lee

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Reserve Officers


E. W. Allen, '00 Engineers

G. B. Bright, '14 Engineers

B. R. Kennon '94 Medical

A. B. Hubbard, "99 Ordnance

A. D. Williams, '03 Engineers

J. R. Werth, '03 Engineers


R. B. H. Begg, '99 Engineers

D. Tucker Brown, '03 Engineers

R. B. Carter, '09 Engineers

R. Bruce Tinsley, '06 Engineers

C. W. Cochran, '01 Engineers

W. L. Cogbill, jr., '16 Infantry

V. T. Douglas, '18 Infantry

J. A. B. Gibson, '04 Ordnance

H. B. Goodloe, '03 Infantry

C. F. Johnson, '13 Infantry

H. L. Smith, Engineers

A. L. Jones, jr., '14 Infantry

C. Lee, '96 Ordnance

H. L. Maynard, jr., '10 Infantry

T. M. Rives, '13 Infantry

J. S. Stringfellow, '08 Infantry

A. C. Syfan, '11 Infantry

A. P. Terry, '16 Infantry

A. M. Tinsley, '02 Engineers

H. C. Whitehurst, '07 Engineers

J. L. Montague, '15 Infantry

Harman Laughlin, '10 Engineers

H. H. Hutcheson, '09 Ordnance

O. P. Echols, '12 Field Artillery

Harry Vaughan, '10 Engineers

Walter Kelsey, '09 Engineers

R. A. Turner, '06 Engineers

R. Woltz, '04 Engineers

G. L. Oliver, '14 Infantry

W. P. Tams, jr., '02 Infantry

D. B. Crockett, '04 Infantry

W. C. Hooper, '06 Ordnance

E. W. Bowen, '09 Infantry

R. Harvey White, '06 Engineers

C. W. Harrell, '07 Engineers

First Lieutenants

H. T. Barger, '16 Infantry

E. W. Butt, '10 Coast Artillery

J. B. Cary, '06 Infantry

M. L. Davis, '11 Engineers

R. T. W. Duke, jr., '07 Infantry

G. G. Garrison, '12 Infantry

W. C. Harris, '11 Infantry

F. S. Holmes, '07 Infantry

B. H. Kyle, '06 Medical

B. W. LaPrade, '09 Engineers

W. B. Martin, '09 Field Ambulance

C. H. McKnight, '12 Ordnance

W. H. Middleswart, '20 Ordnance

L. A. Pick, '14 Engineers

P. H. Powers, jr., '11 Signal

W. B. Preston, '13 Infantry

F. K. Prosser, '11 Engineers

W. G. Somerville, '18 Infantry

E. M. Spiller, '17 Engineers

H. A. Tillett, '09 Engineers

H. I. Tuggle, '18 Infantry

J. C. Whitmore, '04 Infantry

G. W. Wood, '16 Infantry

E. W. Scott, '11 Engineers

T. N. Davis, jr., '06 Medical

R. McBurney, '08 Sanitary Corps

Paul King, '14 Engineers

E. C. Hall, '01 Engineers

W. A. P. Moncure, '01 Infantry

C. R. Moore, '16 Coast Artillery

W. H. Weiner, '12 Field Artillery

John C. Mitchell, '09 Infantry

L. Stern, '05 Ordnance

A. P. Moore, '17 Infantry

W. H. Byrne, '13 Infantry

S. T. Preston, '15 Signal Corps

H. H. Bates, '13 Ordnance

S. W. Bondurant, '14 Infantry

S. M. Boyd, jr., '16 Infantry

L. G. Carter, '11 Infantry

J. W. France, '15 Infantry

W. S. Gillespie, '14 Infantry

W. S. Gravely, '11 Field Artillery

W. L. Murrell, jr., '08 Infantry

R. L. Osterloh, '06 Field Artillery

J. E. Parrish, '90 Signal Corps

H. B. Porterfield, '13 Infantry

P. W. Ricamore, '18 Infantry

B. H. Smith, '07 Infantry

W. C. Stiles, '16, Infantry

E. T. Burr, Field Artillery

P. R. Evans, '15 Field Artillery

R. M. Pierce Infantry

G. G. Coleman, '16 Infantry

George L. Fentress, '99 Infantry

E. R. Fentress, '15 Field Artillery

E. H. Gibson, '06 Signal Corps

M. B. Van Doran, '07 Signal Corps

Isaac Udy, '15 Signal Corps

R. W. Pollard, '12 Mobile Artillery

W. C. Devin, '17 Infantry

Second Lieutenants

H. B. Aaron, '19 Coast Artillery

E. F. Adams, '18 Infantry

S. N. Anderson, Engineers

V. C. Barringer, '12 Field Artillery

E. M. Barton, '17 Coast Artillery

E. B. Burwell, jr., '16 Field Artillery

P. F. Campbell, '15 Cavalry

J. W. Carter, '09 Infantry

Max Clay, '16 Infantry

J. F. Clemmer, '20 Infantry

E. B. Crabill, '17 Infantry

A. H. Cox, '17 Infantry

C. A. Hutchins, '17 Infantry

S. W. Davis, '16 Cavalry

S. C. Dietrick, '17 Coast Artillery

J. H. East, '17 Field Artillery

Beverly Ellett, '05 Coast Artillery

A. J. Engleberg, '17 Coast Artillery

H. J. Fitzgerald, '14 Field Artillery

E. K. Funkhouser, '17 Field Artillery

G. L. Furr, '16 Infantry

J. W. Greenwalt, '19 Infantry

J. N. Gregory, '12 Engineers

W. V. Gregory, '16 Infantry

B. E. Hagy, '17 Coast Artillery

C. W. Heflin, '15 Infantry

J. D. Hindle, '17 Coast Artillery

H. N. Horsley, '19 Infantry

H. G. Jones, '11 Coast Artillery

W. C. Kabrich, '17 Coast Artillery

M. E. LeSueur, '17 Infantry

H. L. Lindsay, '16 Infantry

B. M. McKelway, '17 Infantry

R. W. Mercer, '19 Infantry

S. A. Miller, '16 Infantry

G. F. Minor, '17 Coast Artillery

E. B. Myrick, '16 Coast Artillery

H. V. Newcomb, '07 Infantry

G. W. Patteson, '17 Quartermaster Corps

A. T. Philpotts, '14 Infantry

J. E. Roe, '19 Infantry

R. B. Rose, '13 Calvary

J. H. Pritchard, '17 Coast Artillery

S. V. Seddon, '06 Infantry

W. L. Tebbs, '09 Field Artillery

E. G. Todd, '17 Coast Artillery

W. L. Turner, jr., '18 Infantry

F. C. Ware, '18 Infantry

R. S. Wood, '14 Infantry

R. L. Coleman, jr., '16 Infantry

H. S. Andrews, '13 Infantry

T. R. Sinclair, '17 Field Artillery

H. A. Kemp, '17 Engineers

W. L. Humphries, jr., '17 Engineers

J. M. Wood, '17 Infantry

W. H. Ellett, '14 Veterinary Corps

Blackwell Smith, '14 Infantry

R. H. Hix, '13 Engineers

J. B. Kreger, '11 Infantry

E. H. Harman, '14 Engineers

B. S. Bottomley, '18 Engineers

L. C. Burton, '04 Medical

B. E. Strode, '08 Medical

T. J. Rowe, '15 Infantry

S. B. Stebbins, '19 Coast Artillery

L. H. Engleby, '17 Coast Artillery

A. F. Grurnm, '16 Coast Artillery

C. P. Derby, '13 Infantry

R. L. Butler, '15 Infantry

J. J. Cowan, '18 Infantry

B. K. Elam, '17 Infantry

F. A. Engleby, '17 Infantry

C. A. Everet, '18 Infantry

F. A. Heacock, '15 Field Artillery

V. B. Hodgson, '11 Field Artillery

C. W. Hubbard, '13 Infantry

T. J. Jackson, '16 Field Artillery

H. B. Langslow, '19 Infantry

T. D. McGinnis, '16 Infantry

J. W. McNair, '18 Infantry

J. P. Maloney, '11 Signal Corps

J. M. Marshall, '11 Field Artillery

J. C. Pettigrew, '13 Infantry

C. M. Purcell, '12 Infantry

H. B. Redd, '19 Coast Artillery

W. S. Roberts, '11 Signal Corps

R. H. Thommason, '17 Coast Artillery

R. M. Wade, '10 Signal Corps

Bruce Williams, '12 Infantry

J. W. Farrner, '20 Infantry

C. J. Kirby, '17 Signal Corps

J. W. Easley, '06 Infantry

Benjamin Ainsworth, '07 Infantry

P. P. Phillips, '13 Infantry In France

A. T. Parker, '19 Infantry

T. W. Clark, '09 M. G. Battalion 80th Division

A. B. Guigon, Jr., '06 Engineers In France

B. L. Williams, '19 Infantry

Carter Saunder, '04 Engineers

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Virginia National Guard

Maj. A. T. Finch, '93 Medical

Maj. S. W. Martin, '90 Infantry

Maj. Caesar Massei, '10 Coast Artillery

Maj. F. H. Couch, '90 Infantry

Capt. J. V. Bidgood, jr., '00 Recruiting Service

Capt. W. B. Davis, '11 Infantry

Capt. G. W. Hutchinson, '99 Ordnance

Capt. E. B. Lewis, '11 Artillery

Capt. J. R. Sheppard, '09 Infantry

Capt. Otis S. Smith, '12 Infantry

Capt. H. K. Tice, '13 Infantry

Capt. L. H. Heindle, Infantry

Capt. J. M. Evans, '14 Coast Artillery

Capt. C. E. Smith, '13 Infantry

Capt. R. G. Sudgen, '06 Field Artillery

1st Lt. W. L. Andrews, '08 Rockbridge Artillery

1st Lt. E. G. Baldwin, '05 Machine Gun Co.

1st Lt. LeRoy Brown, '08 Infantry

1st Lt. J. C. Jessup, '15 2nd Virginia Infantry

1st Lt. Warren Knepp, '03 Medical

1st Lt. R. T. Grubert, '05 Infantry

1st Lt. G. L. Parsons, '08 Infantry

1st Lt. L. A. Porter '10 Infantry

1st Lt. H. M. Somerville, '13 Infantry

1st Lt. J. M. McCue, '17 Coast Artillery

1st Lt. A. N. Hodgson, '11 Coast Artillery

1st Lt. J. H. Reagan, '11 Infantry

2nd Lt. J. C. Holmes, '12 Coast Artillery, In France

2nd Lt. R. F. Hatcher, '19 Machine Gun Co.

2nd Lt. A. R. Harvey, '15 Infantry

2nd Lt. John W. Hamilton, '07 Coast Artillery

1st Sgt. Herbert Davies, '10 Infantry

1st Sgt. R. F. Goodwin, '17 Coast Artillery

1st Sgt. T. J. B. Lohr, Company I

1st Sgt. M. R. Swart, 15 Supply Co.

1st Sgt. C. C. McCready Coast Artillery

1st Sgt. R. H. Bruce, '15 Coast Artillery

1st Sgt. W. N. Gose, '12 Coast Artillery

1st Sgt. W. W. Ford, '18 Infantry

1st Sgt. H. T. Parrish, '19 Coast Artillery

1st Sgt. R. W. Thornton, '21 Coast Artillery

Sgt E. B. Allen, '05 Troop D

Sgt. P. M. Browning, '13 Supply Department

Sgt. L. G. Carter, '11 3rd Battalion

Sgt. A. E. Dorsey, Field Artillery

Sgt. W. C. Jones, '99 Troop B

Sgt. S. J. Richter, '11 Company H

Sgt. J. R. Williams, '06 Troop A

Sgt. J. L. Wood, Rockbridge Artillery

Pvt. R. H. Logan, '12 Base Hospital No. 42

Pvt. T. K. Menefee, '10 Infantry Company L

Pvt. L. C. Michael, '16 Troop C. 1st Virginia Cavalry

Pvt. E. L. Parris, '16 Infantry, Company L

Pvt. W. H. Peple, '18 Troop A, 1st Virginia Cavalry

Pvt. F. P. Phlegar, Infantry, Company E

Pvt. E. A. Raine, '16 Infantry, Company L

Pvt. O. C. Rucker, Coast Artillery

Pvt. V. E. Sisson Hospital Corps

Pvt. C. L. Smith Infantry, Company C

Pvt. L. B. Umllauf, '17 Cavalry

Pvt. F. C. Williams, '16 Red Cross

Pvt. C. A. Porter Infantry

Pvt. Frank G. Oakey, '17 Engineers

Pvt. H. T. Parrish, '19 Coast Artillery

Pvt. R. S. Sutton, '19 Coast Artillery

Pvt. R. H. Wood, '20 Coast Artillery

Pvt. Henry Rurtough, '15 Coast Artillery

Pvt. C. L. Evans, '20 Infantry

Pvt. Henry Woodhouse, '18 Hospital Corps

Pvt. L. P. Smithey, '14 Coast Artillery

Pvt. H. P. Walker, '20 Infantry

Pvt. Saul Marks, '17 Infantry

Pvt. R. D. Mackreth, '19 Infantry

Pvt. T. C. Jennings, '19 Infantry

Pvt. Robert Nelson, '20 Coast Artillery

Sgt. L. G. Carter, '?? 3rd Battalion

Sgt. A. E. Dorsey, Field Artillery

Sgt. W. C. Jones, '99 Troop B

Sgt. S. J. Richter, '11 Company H

Sgt. J. R. Williams, '06 Troop A

Sgt. J. L. Wood, Rockbridge Artillery

Sgt. G. B. Peasley, jr., 12 1st Virginia Cavalry (Blues)

Sgt. Dawson, '14 Infantry

Sgt. Gordon Bass, Infantry

Sgt. Lewis Maury, Infantry

Corp. J. E. Gregory, '17 Medical

Corp. F. A. Hope, Band

Corp. W. C. Lee '07 Troop D

Corp. D. W. Read '14 Company B

Corp. J. W. Royer, 'I I Infantry

Corp. A. T. Parker, '19 Infantry

Corp. E. S. Digggs, '14 Coast Artillery

Corp. J. W. Ironmonger, '16 Norfolk Blues

Pvt. J. H. Austin, '14 Field Hospital

Pvt. M. M. Blair, '11 Troop B, 1st Virginia Cavalry

Pvt. B. B. Blanton, '14 Troop D, 1st Virginia Cavalry

Pvt. A. S. Butterworth, '14 Troop C, 1st Virginia Cavalry

Pvt. J. R. Carson, '11 Troop D, 1st Virginia Cavalry

Pvt. H. P. Davis, '15 Field Artillery

Pvt. C. J. Dean, Infantry Company G

Pvt. C. D. Diggs, '14 9th Company Coast Artillery

Pvt. E. J. Harris, '13 Infantry

Pvt. L. A. Heindle, '13 Troop B, 1st Virginia Cavalry

Pvt. H. Holt, '11 Infantry, Company L

Pvt. S. A. Loyd, '15 Infantry


Pvt. H. P. Walker, '20 Infantry

Pvt. Saul Marks, '17 Infantry

Pvt. R. D. Mackreth, '19 Infantry

Pvt. T. C. Jennings, '19 Infantry

Pvt. Robert Nelson, '20 Coast Artillery

Pvt. C. H. Drinkard, '17 Coast Artillery

Pvt. Comer C. Jackson, '19 Coast Artillery

Pvt. R. J. Gray, '21, Coast Artillery

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General National Guard And Others

Capt. Lawson Wiley, '16 Machine Gun Co. (Oregon)

1st Lt. F. C. Pratt, '04 Staff Surgeon McGuire Unit

2nd Lt. H. E. F. Cole, '03 Forestry Service, In France

2nd Lt. H. D. Panton, '13 Coast Artillery, North Carolina

Sgt. D. K. Fagg, '19 Coast Artillery, North Carolina

Sgt. Paul Kirkbride, '12 21st Engineers, In France

Sgt. G. M. Perfater, '17 Hospital Corps, New Jersey

Pvt. R. L. Fagg, jr., '20 1st New Hampshire Inf. Sanitary Corps

Pvt. Minor Muncy, '15 Infantry, Maryland

Pvt. T. 0. Sandy, jr., '16 McGuire Unit

Pvt. O. W. Blevins, '20, McGuire Unit

Pvt. J. H. Harman, '08 O. T. C. Fort Benjamin Harrison

Pvt. T. A. Graves, '16 Y. M. C. A. Work, In France

Pvt. G. E. McNeil, '19 McGuire Unit

Pvt. W. L. Younger, '20 Base Hospital No. 41, U. of Va.

Pvt. Pete Ambler, '13 French Foreign Legion

Pvt. Ivan Clark, '17 Camp Lee

Pvt. R. C. Thomas, '17 McGuire Unit

Pvt. R. B. Nelson '14 Y. M. C. A. Work, Camp Lee

Pvt. (Bugler) E. L. Kirkbride, '13, 28th Engineers, In France

Pvt. John Breckenridge, '10, 23rd Engineers, Camp Meade

Pvt. D. M. Borum, '04, Ordnance Inspector, Baltimore, Maryland

Pvt. Wm. Mitchell, '06 War Risk Insurance Bureau, Camp Lee

Pvt. R. G. Hutcheson, '17 0. T.C. Anniston, Ala.

Pvt. R. L. Newcomb, '13 Y. M. C. A. No. 4, Camp Lewis, Wis.

Pvt. Pitt Murrell, '02 Y. M. C. A. Camp Lee

Pvt. Kinsey '12 McGuire Unit

Pvt. T. F. Akers, '18, 0. T. C., Camp Grant, Ill.

First Fort Myer Camp

MAY 1917

H. B. Aaron, '19

E. F. Adams, '19

W. M. Barbour, '20

H. T. Barger, '17

E. M. Barton, '17

R. B. H. Begg, '99

G. B. Bright, '11

E. B. Burwell, '16

P. F. Campbell, '15

J. S. Caffee, '17

P. S. Campbell, '16

J. W. Carter, '09

J. B. Cary, '06

J. R. Castleman, '19

Max Clay, '16

J. F. Clemmer, '20

G. G. Coleman, '16

A. H. Cox, '17

E. B. Crabill, '17

R. B. Crenshaw,

C. A. Cutchins, '15

F. Dean, '19

S. C. Deitrick, '16

W. C. Devin, '17

V. T. Douglas, '18

J. H. East, '17

R. K. Elam, '17

F. B. Ellett, 05

W. M. Ellingsworth, '17

A. J. Engleberg, '17

L. H. Engleby, '17

H. J. Fitzgerald, '14

E. K. Funkhouser, '16

G. L. Furr, '20

L. M. Gaines, '17

W. A. Garlett, '19

G. G. Garrison, '12

H. B. Goodloe, '03

R. A. Gordon, '19

R. S. Gray, '16

W. V. Greqory, '16

E. W. Grubb, '18

B. E. Hagy, '17

C. G. Harris,

P. S. Haydon, '19

C. W. Heflin, '15

J. D. Hindle, '17

D. H. Hoge, '18

H. N. Horsley, '19

H. G. Jones, '11

W. C. Kabrich, '17

G. D. Lancaster, '19

H. B. Langslow, '19

G. H. Latham, '17

M. E. LeSueur, '17

H. L. Lindsay, '16

C. L. Logan, '17

H. Y. Lyon, '17

H. L. Maynard, jr., '10

B. M. McKelway, '17

R. W. Mercer, '17

W. H. Middleswart, '20

M. Miller, '19

G. F. Minor, '17

J. G. Moffet, '20

J. L. Montague, '15

C. R. Moore, '17

J. T. Moore, '17

E. B. Myrick, '16

G. R. Owens, '17

S. L. Paisley, '20

G. W. Patteson, '17

J. B. Peake, '15

A. G. Pettit, '19

A. T. Philpotts, '14

W. B. Preston, '13

J. H. Pritchard, '19

H. B. Redd, '19

T. M. Rives, '15

J. E. Roe, '19

R B. Rose, '13

J. P. Rowe, jr., '20

W. R. Smith, '19

W. G. Somerville, '18

S. B. Stebbins, '19

J. S. Stringfellow, '08

W. L. Tebbs, '09

A. P. Terry, '16

R. H. Thommason, '17

E. G. Todd, '16

F. L. Topping, '18

J. E, Trimble, '20

W. L. Truitt, '17

H. I. Tuggle, '18

W. L. Turner, jr., '17

F. C. Ware, '18

H. C. Whitehurst, '07

J. C. Whitmore, '04

R. M. Winborne, '14

G. W. Wood, '16

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Second Fort Myer Camp


H. S. Andrews, '15

H. H. Bates, '13

S. W. Bondurant, '14

E. W. Bowen, '09

S. M. Boyd, '16

E. T. Burr, '10

W. H. Byrne, '15

L. G. Carter, '11

G. W. Cocke, '17

J. J. Cowan, '18

R. K. Elam, '17

F. A. Engleby, '16

L. H. Engleby, '17

P. R. Evans, '13

C. J. Everett, '15

J. W. France, '15

H. G. Gillespie, '14

Capt. H. B. Goodloe, '03, Instructor

W. S. Gravely, '11

A. F. Grumm, '16

F. A. Heacock, '16

V. B. Hodgson, '11

C. W. Hubbard, '13

R. M. Hutchinson, '16

T. J. Jackson, '16

H. McG. King, '10

W. P. Kritzer, '13

H. B.' Langslow, '19

J. R. Lassiter, '16

T. D. McGinnes, '16

J. W. McNair, '18

J. P. Maloney, '11

J. M. Marshall, '11

A. P. Moore, '16

W. M. Murrell, jr., '08

G. L. Oliver, '14

R. M. Osterloh, '06

J. E. Parrish, '90

J. C. Pettigrew, '13

H. B. Porterfield, '15

J. F. Powell, '15

S. T. Preston, '15

M. Purcell, '12

H. B. Redd, '19

P. W. Ricamore, '18

W. Rison, '11

W. S. Roberts, '11

T. J. Rowe, '15

B. H. Smith, '07

S. B. Stebbins, '17

W. C. Stiles, '16

W. P. Tams, jr., '02

W. E. Tennyson, '06

R. H. Thomasson, '17

J. E. Trimble, '20

J. E.Vawter, '10

R. M. Wade, '10

Bruce Williams, '12

Plattsburg Camp

J. R. Werth

A. L. Jones, Jr.

First Oglethorpe Camp

W. L. Cogbill, Jr.

Joseph Greenawalt

Victor Barringer

S. W. Davis

Raymond Wood

Second Oglethorpe Camp

Boyce Miller

Second Benjamin Harrison Camp

J. Harman

D. H. Pritchard, '19

The following provisional officers received training at Fort Leavenworth:

First Lieutenants

S. D. Bedinger

L. P. Bransford

P. S. Campbell

F. L. Hill

H. Y. Lyon

R. A. Gordon

G. R. Owens

A. P. Sibold

S. B. Taylor

J. B. Thompson

R. W. Williams

W. B. Wilson

Second Lieutenants

J. E. Burke

E. B. Crabill

R. L. Davis

J. W. Dear

W. M. Loving

J. W. Falconer

P. S. Haydon

J. M. Sanderson

G. R. Schweickert

A. F. Scott

A. S. Turner

J. G. Turner

D. M. Ware

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Third Training Camp, Camp Lee, Va., January, 1918

(Ninety-seven per cent. successful, and now waiting to be assigned.)

J. C. Aaron, '20

B. H. Fowle, '13

W. G. Harris, '11

F. Dean, '20

A. B. Moore, '17

J. B. Pierce, '17

W. B. Sours, '18

H. E. Keller, '17

C. S. Altizer, '15

H. A. Davenport, '16

H. P. Humphries, '17

F. B. Lamb, '11

W. P. Smith, '19

H. S. Lewis, '16

T. T. Peake, '13

E. L. Traylor, '19

R. M. Howell, '18

E. F. Jordan, '17

F. M. Samson, '19

E. D. Oakey, '12

E . B. Keesling, '13

A. G. Pettitt, '19

C. H. Eiffert, '11

W. H. Wade, Jr., '14

E. R. Wall, '16

W. D. Watts, '07

J. E. C. Jordan, '20

L. T. Southall, '20

H. J. Bopp, '15

T. J. Taylor, '18

H. E. Thomas, '15

W. P. Brown, '10

C. J. Stoven, '18

R. H. Woods, '19

W. W. Smith, '19

S. R. Neblett, '10

J. A. Mustoe, '19

S. A. Miller, '16

J. L. Hughes, '10

W. O. Purcell, '15

J. W. Hill, '14

R. A. Henderson, '17

R. F. Goodwin, '17

J. S. Scott, '15

W. R. Burruss, '12

A. Chinn, '14

F. H. Hill, '14

Ferd Trollinger, '07

E. L. Giles, '08

J. W. Gibbs, 15

C. H. Chilton, '12

W. T. Kearsley, '18

J. E. Mosby, '15

W. R. Legge, '13

C. T. Montgomery, '13

C. E. Cox, '15

B. B. Brown, '15

A. B. Bellwood, '15

R. H. Bruce, '15

Joseph Engleby, '18

C. Harman, '09


F. W. Rowe, '16

A. G. Wagner, '20

R. J. Gray, '21

S. G. Fischer, '21

R. G. Brown, '18

J. C. Ruff, '18

W. W. Loney, '20

E. P. Hart, '20

M. R. Irby, '21

C. H. Jamison, '20

Commandants And Military Instructors At Various Institutions

G. F. Miles, '17, Vanderbilt Univ.

Maxwell Woltz, '03, Roanoke Col.

S. M. Taylor, '17, William & Mary

H. E. Keller, '17, Randolph-Macon Academy (Bedford City)

C. H. Drinkard, '17, Lebanon H. S.

H. V. Anderson, '07, Jefferson Academy (Mississippi)

Jesse T. Wilson, '16, Kansas City Veterinary College

E. R. McKesson, '15, V. P. I.

R. S. Gray, '16, V. P. I.

B. S. Parrish, '17, V. P. I.

W. R. England, '13, Massanutten Academy

Reed Williams, '18, Hampden-Sidney College

Distribution Of Va. Tech Commandants

Colonel John C. Gresham, U. S. A. Retired, University of Denver, Denver, Col.

Colonel J. T. Knight, Head of Over Seas Transportation at an Atlantic port.

Major General D. O. Shanks, Head of Over Seas Transportation at an Atlantic port.

Major A. T. Finch, Va. National Guard, Camp McClellan.

Colonel J. S. A. Johnson, Prof. Experimental Engineering at Va. Tech.

Brigadier General Geo. H. Jamerson, 80th Division, Camp Lee, Va.

Brigadier General W. B. Dashiell, Camp. Pike, Arkansas

Lieutenant Col. J. F. Ware, Signal Corps, Camp Little Silver, N. J.

Maj. S. W. Anding, Border Service, Nogales, N. M.

Lieut. Colonel C. C. Carson, Artillery School, Paris, France

Maj. W. P. Stone, U.S.A. Retired, Commandant at Va. Tech.

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Fourth Officers' Training Camp, May 15th, 1918

To Camp Grant, Rockford, Ill.

T. F. Akers, '18

J. A. Bell, '18

H. P. J. Marshall, '18

W. R. Williams, jr., '18

To Camp Sevier, Greenville, S. C.

These men were sent direct from Va. Tech to camp.

J. F. Chapman, '19

C. C. Chase, '19

W. E. Chilton, '19

T. G. Digges, '20

W. H. Ferguson, '19

R. H. Guy, '20

C. H. Jamison, '20

J. P. Jett, '20

P. C. Long, '20

T. G. Maurer, '20

V. H. Miller, '19

J. S. Walker, '19

G. B. Wayland, '20

Alumni Sent To Camp Sevier.

G. C. Brooking, '10

J. J. Bowman, '12

J. A. Burwell, '15

M. G. Beckner, '15

H. D. Guy, jr., '13

W. B. James, '15

R. C. Light, '16

D. D. Lester, '13

G. F. Miles, '17

L. N. Moseley, '16

F. V. Shelton, '16

P. H. Thompson, '11

Edward Uehling, '15

A. M. Marye, '09

Former Students in Service and Transferred to Training Camps

B. B. Blanton

L. R. Coulling

D. K. Fagg, '19

D. R. Heatwole

R. M. Hutchinson, '16

F. A. Schaeffer

Training School, Anniston, Ala., Camp McClellan

G. B. Peasley, '12

A. S. Butterworth, '13

C. L. Smith, '08

A. T. Parker, '19

R. G. Hutcheson, '18

Engineers' Camp, Lehigh University

L. M. Menefee, '12

J. S. Barbour, '13

J. F. Moomaw, '16

A. M. Perry, '11

J. S. Watkins, '17

R. L. Harris, '19

Engineers' Camp, Camp Lee, May 6th

W. B. St. John, '18 (Quota for military schools, one man)

Coast Artillery School July, 1918

T. A. Smothers, '18

Baxter McIntosh, '18

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Enlisted Engineers', Reserve Corps

(Stationed at V. P. I.)

J. D. Brown, '20

E. W. Digges, '18

J. R. Hildebrand, '19

N. A. Hickman, '18

O. F. Hicks, '19

J. E. Old, jr., '20

J. A. Opinsky, '18

S. G. Fischer, '21

S. E. Campbell, '19

C. S. Southall, '18

A. G. Wagner, '20

I. B. Wenger, '20

W. A. McBurney, '20

G. E. Caffee, '18

R. S. Gray, '16

S. G. Fisher, '21

Summary November 1917

2 Colonels
8 Majors
45 Captains
62 First Lieutenants
90 Second Lieutenants
24 Non-commissioned Officers
53 Privates
17 Student Aviators
20 Officers and Men in the Navy
321 Total

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Summary March 1918

Total number of men under arms .................................................................................... 681
Total number of commissioned officers......................................................................... 386
Per. cent commission officers............................................................................................ 56
Per cent. non-commissioned officers................................................................................ 7.4
Per cent. privates............................................................................................................ 14.4
Per cent. student aviators, hydroplane service, naval reserves, officer's training camps,
engineers' enlisted reserve corps
Per cent. alumni under arms (active members).................................................................. 27
Per cent. engineers entering training camps who have received commissions................. 100
Total number of men attending the first Fort Myer Camp............................................... 99
Number of men attending first Fort Myer camp receiving commissions............................. 94
Per cent. of men attending camp receiving commissions................................................... 95
Total number of men attending second Fort Myer Camp................................................. 63
Number of men receiving commissions at second Fort Myer camp................................. 55
Per cent. of total number receiving commissions............................................................... 88
1 Brigadier General
1 Colonel
2 Lieutenant Colonels
14 Majors
74 Captains
122 First Lieutenants
139 Second Lieutenants
39 Non-commissioned Officers
97 Privates
47 Student Aviators
27 Officers and Men in the Navy
4 Hydroplane Service
11 Naval Reserve
71 Officers' Training Camps
14 Engineers' Enlisted Reserve Corps
40 Military Instructors
681 Total
384 Government War Research, Food and Fuel Conservation, Munition Workers, Ship builders, Government Inspection and Transportation.
1,065 Grand Total

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Summary May 23, 1918

Per cent. engineers entering training camps receiving commissions................................. 100
Per cent. men entering Leavenworth camp receiving commissions................................. 100
Per cent men entering Oglethorpe Camp receiving commissions..................................... 100
Total number of men attending first Fort Myer camp....................................................... 99
Number of men attending first Fort Myer camp receiving commissions.......................... 94
Per cent. of men attending camp receiving commissions................................................. 95
Total number of men attending second Fort Myer camp................................................. 63
Number of men receiving commissions at second Fort Myer camp................................. 55
Per cent of total number receiving commissions............................................................. 88
Per cent. men entering third training camp receiving certificates
(equivalent to receiving commissions) now waiting assignment.....................................
Total number of men under arms..................................................................................... 74?
Total number of commissioned officers........................................................................... 6?
Per cent. commissioned officers....................................................................................... 6?
Per cent. non-commissioned officers............................................................................... ??
Per cent. privates............................................................................................................. 1?
Per cent. student aviators, hydroplane service, naval reserves,
officers' training camps, engineers' reserve corps, instructors.........................................
Per cent. alumni under arms (active members)................................................................. 2?


1 Brigadier General
1 Colonel
3 Lieutenant Colonels
13 Majors
78 Captains
115 First Lieutenants
153 Second Lieutenants
52 Non-commissioned Officers
93 Privates
46 Student Aviators
30 Officers and Men in the Navy
5 Hydroplane Service
12 Naval Reserves
66 Training Camp (waiting assignment)
12 Military Instructors
4 Camp Grant
27 Camp Sevier
6 Transferred from National Army to Camps
6 Engineers' Camp, Lehigh University
1 Engineers' Camp, Camp Lee
16 Engineers' Enlisted Reserve Corps
740 Total
384 Government War Research, Food and Fuel Conservation, Munition Workers, Ship Builders, Government Inspection and Transportation.
1,124 Grand Total

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