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Governor Henry C. Stuart

Probably the largest audience ever assembled here on commencement day was present on Wednesday to hear the address to the graduating class by Governor Henry C. Stuart and witness the conferring of degrees on fifty-six men by President Eggleston, with the awarding of medals, announcement of honors, and readings of promotions in the military department for next year. The procession to the chapel was composed of the cadet corps, faculty, and alumni. Specially invited guests on the rostrum with the Governor included Dr. J. M. McBryde, President Emeritus of V. P. I., members of the Board of Visitors, and others. President Eggleston introduced Mr. Stuart and the Governor spoke informally of the need in this day and time for practical education and in what ways he believed V. P. I. was accomplishing its mission by fitting men to fill this need. In conclusion he urged the graduates to leave the college with due recognition of the duty they owe the State and to fulfil aright the duties of their citizenship. It is greatly to be regretted that, since Governor Stuart spoke extemporaneously and since the attempted stenographic report of his remarks proved unsatisfactory, his address cannot be published in this issue of the BULLETIN.

From the Bulletin of the Virginia Polytechnic Institute -- The State Agricultural and Mechanical College, Commencement Number, Vol. 5, No. 3, July 1914, pp. 5-6.