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Statewide Off-campus Research Facilities

Since 1966 the Research Division has operated about 6,640 acres of land at various agricultural research stations and laboratories throughout the state (see University Property). Among the research stations, the McCormick Farm, where Cyrus McCormick gave the first successful demonstration of his reaper and which was later given to the university to establish the Shenandoah Valley Research Station, was designated a national historic landmark in June 1966. Another research site, the Reynolds Homestead, birthplace of R. J. Reynolds, founder of RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company, and Abram D. Reynolds, father of the founder of Reynolds Metals, is designated both a Virginia and a National Historic Landmark and is listed in the National Registry of American Homes.

In addition to the agricultural research stations, the Research Division operated a 1,050-acre industrial hazardous testing center near Rocky Mount from 1966 to 1994. The center was given to the university by TRW, Inc. In 1972, the center became part of a campus-based Industry Center, a joint program of the extension and research divisions. The Industry Center, which no longer exists, provided a common point for industry interaction with various university services.