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Chapter 5 -- VPI in WWI

V. P. I. Men In The World War

Not less than forty-two per cent of the entire alumni membership of V. P. I. was enrolled in the Nation's service, and the following statistics will indicate how they served:

Percentage of engineers entering engineers' camps, and of men entering Leavenworth regular army school, and Camps Oglethorpe, Benjamin Harrison, Grant, Gonion, Sevier, Taylor, and Plattsburg, who received commissions 100
Percentage of successful candidates for all camps 98
Brigadier General 2   Naval Aviation Officers 13
Colonel 1   Officers in Navy 39
Lieutenant Colonel 7   Student Aviators 36
Major 33   Military Instructors 13
Captain 125   Non-Com. Officers 68
First Lieutenant 168   Privates 409
Second Lieutenant 246   Men in Navy 42
In Training Detachments 534
In S. A. T. C. and special war courses 444
Left in training camps at time of armistice 117
Killed in France 10
Wounded in battle 28
Died in camps 18
Captured in battle (one escaped) 5
Decorated for bravery 8
Cited for bravery 9
Enemy air planes brought down 6

The only Congressional Medal of Honor awarded to a Virginian was awarded to a V. P. I. student. In addition to this highest honor, V. P. I. men received six or more Distinguished Service Crosses, seven or more Croix de Guerre, two or more Legion of Honor, and numerous other foreign decorations.