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Athletic Directors

Tech has had an athletic director since R. M. Brown was named the first one in 1907-08. The list, by terms, is as follows:

R. M. Brown (1908)
B. B. Bocock (1909)
L. W. Reiss (1910)
post abolished (1911-19)
C. P. “Sally” Miles (1920-34)
W. L. Younger (1935-50)
Frank O. Moseley (1951-77)
Bill Dooly (1978-86)
Dale T. “Dutch” Baughman (1986-87)
Raymond Smoot (interim, June-December 1987)
David Braine (1988-97)
Sharon McCloskey (interim, 1997)
Jim Weaver (1997-2013)
Whit Babcock (2014- )

Graduate Managers

The post of graduate manager of athletics existed from 1904-40. The list, by terms, is as follows:

J. H. Gibboney(1904‑05)
A. Williams (1906)
H. H. Varner (1907)
C. P. “Sally” Miles (1908-11)
A. Lockhart (1912)
Sally Miles(1913-17)
C. A. Bernier (1918-19)
Sally Miles (1920-34)
W. L. Younger (1935-40)