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Hall of Fame

The Virginia Tech Sports Hall of Fame was established in 1982 to honor and preserve the memory of athletes, coaches, administrators and staff members who have made outstanding contributions to athletics at the university. The individuals selected are inducted to the Hall of Fame during special annual ceremonies held each fall. Hall of Fame plaques engraved with portraits of all the members are displayed in the south end of the Cassell Coliseum ambulatory. Under Tech Hall of Fame guidelines, persons are not eligible for induction until they have been out of school for a period of 10 years. Following is a list of the inductees. Although many of the athletes competed in more than one sport, only their primary sport(s) is listed.

1982 Hunter Carpenter (football), Carroll Dale (football), Frank Loria (football), C. P. Miles (football coach, administrator), Frank Moseley (football coach, administrator), and Chris Smith (basketball).
1983 Greene F. “Red” Laird (baseball coach), Herbert McEver (football, coach, administrator), Johnny Oates (baseball), Frank Peake (football), George Preas (football), Bob Schweickert (football)
1984 Allan Bristow (basketball), Paul Dear (baseball, basketball), William “Monk” Younger (football, coach, administrator)
1985 Leo Burke (football, basketball, baseball), Tim Collins (golf), Madison Nutter (football), Don Strock (football), John Wetzel (basketball)
1986 Mel Henry (football, basketball, baseball), George Parrish (football, basketball), Henry Redd (football, football coach), Howie Wright (football, baseball, track)
1987 Dickie Beard (football), Glen Combs (basketball), Hank Crisp (football), Ed Motley (trainer), Sunny Utz (football)
1988 Tom Beasley (football), Wilson Bell (baseball), Brandon Glover (wrestling), Mike Widger (football)
1989 George Foussekis (football), Stuart Johnson (track), Leland Melear (basketball, baseball), Herb Thomas (football)
1990 Bob Ayersman (basketball), Bill Buchanan (tennis, coach, staff), Jack Burrows (tennis), Dick Esleeck (football, coach), Jerry Gaines (track), Bill Grossman (swimming), Ken Whitley (football, wrestling)
1991 Mac Banks (track and field), Al Casey (football), Lewis Mills (basketball), Joe Moran (football), Wendy Weisend (sports information)
1992 William Grinus Jr. (football, baseball, track), Earl “Bus” Hall (basketball), H. V. “Byrd” Hooper (football, baseball), James Franklin Powell (football, baseball, basketball, track), Keith Neff (track), Howard Pardue (basketball), Franklin Stubbs (baseball)
1993 Lucy Hawk Banks (track), Roy Beskin (tennis), Bucky Keller (basketball), Bill Matthews (basketball), Jack Prater (football)
1994 Milton Andes (wrestling), Richard Bullock (team physician), Mike Johnson (football), Neff McClary (golf), Dale Solomon (basketball), Ginny Lessman Stonick (volleyball)
1995 Waddey Harvey (football), Tony Paige (football), Louis P. Ripley (team surgeon), Bruce Smith (football), Linda King Steel (track), Frank Teske (wrestling coach)
1996 Dick Arnold (track), Dell Curry (basketball), Connie Sellers (golf), George Smith (football)
1997 Frank Beamer (football, football coach), Renee Dennis (basketball), Cyrus Lawrence (football), Rick Razzano (football), Jim Stewart (baseball), Sterling Wingo (football, baseball, track)
1998 Robert Brown (football), Berkeley Cundiff (baseball), Don Divers (football), Loyd King (basketball), Kenny Lewis (football, track)
1999 Ken Barefoot (football), Edie Ferrell (trainer), Bob Phillips (track), Steve Taylor (cross country, track), Ted Ware (basketball)
2000 Mike Burnop (football), Bimbo Coles (basketball), Ken Edwards (football), Ki Luczak (football), Bobby Smith (football), Lori McKee Taylor (cross country, track)
2001 Amy Byrne Feathers (basketball), George Canale (baseball), Don Oakes (football), Ricky Scales (football), Margaret Soulen Gilbert (swimming), Sherman Vandevender (wrestling)
2002 Chuck Hartman (baseball coach), Gene Breen (football, wrestling), Mickey Fitzgerald (football), Bob Grossmann (swimming), Judy Williams (cross country, track)
2003 Jerry Claiborne (football coach), Ron Davidson (football), Anne Jones Thompson (tennis and tennis coach), Wayne Robinson (basketball), Dennis Scott (track and football)
2004 Lisa Pikalek (volleyball), Jim Pyne (football), Dick Redding (football, track & field, swimming & diving, coach), Mike Williams (baseball), Bob Wingfield (track & field)
2005 Bily Hardee (football), Robin Lee (basketball), Mark Stickley (track, cross country), Terry Strock (football), Armand Taylor (wrestling)
2006 Ray Crittenden (soccer), Antonio Freeman (football), Marcus Kramer (tennis), Charlie Moir (basketball coach), Christi Osborne (basketball)
2007 Cornell Brown (football), Ace Custis (basketball), Oliver Mayo (tennis), Trey McCoy (baseball), Jenny Root Price (basketball)
2008 Jim Beard (baseball), Eugene Chung (football), Eric McClellan (soccer), Katie Ollendick (track & field), James I. Robertson Jr. (faculty chair of athletics)
2009 Gene Crane (track & field), Maurice DeShazo (football), Aaron Marchetti (tennis), Chuck Noe (basketball coach), Brian Sharp (golf), Lisa Witherspoon Hansen (basketball)
2010 Gene Bunn (football), Michelle Meadows (softball), Corey Moore (football), Laurie Shiflet Hackbirth (women’s tennis), Duke Thorpe (men’s basketball)
2011 Brad Clontz (baseball), Josh Feldman (wrestling), Shayne Graham (football), John Moody (football, administrator), Phil Rogers (football), Tere Williams (women’s basketball)
2012 Dave Braine (administrator), André Davis (football, track & field), Sharon McCloskey (administrator), Mike Sergent (track & field), Amy Wetzel Doolan (women’s basketball)
2013 Bobby Beacher (men’s basketball), Clarisa Crowell (softball), John Engelberger (football), Jimmy Milley (men’s tennis), Joe Saunders (baseball), Johnson Wagner (men’s golf)
2014 Brendon de Jonge (men’s golf), Ashlee Dobbe (softball), Jake Grove (football), Ieva Kublina (women’s basketball), Lee Suggs (football), Dawn Will Cliffe (lacrosse)
2015 Roscoe Coles (football), Will Furrer (football), Sean Gray (wrestling), Dr. Duane Lagan (team physician), April Byrd Mosley (track & field), Bryan Randall (football)
2016 Kerri Gardin (women’s basketball), DeAngelo Hall (football), Kevin Jones (football), Spyridon Jullien (track & field), Ashley Lee (football), Jim Weaver (administration)
2017 Tim Buheller (baseball), Zabian Dowdell (men’s basketball), Megan Evans (softball), Ben Taylor (football), Michael Vick (football)
2018 Jessica Botzum Cockrill (swimming), Billy Holsclaw (football), Patrick Nyarko (men’s soccer), Eddie Royal (football), Darryl Tapp (football), Angela Tincher O’Brien (softball)